Beech Furniture

The Beech Furniture is a fabulous way of bringing chic style into your Home with a 'pop' of colour, whilst the subtle tones of the Beech wood make it easy to blend into your Home's decor!

Beech Black Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Blue Coffee Table £129.00

Beech Grey Coffee Table £129.00

Beech Grey Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Grey Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Red Coffee Table £129.00

Beech White Dining Chair £89.00

Beech White Rectangle Dining Table £149.00

Beech White Round Dining Table £149.00

Beech White Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

White and Grey 3 Door Sideboard £249.00

White and Grey Coffee Table £199.00