Beech Furniture

The Beech Furniture is a fabulous way of bringing chic style into your Home with a 'pop' of colour, whilst the subtle tones of the Beech wood make it easy to blend into your Home's decor!

This collection features various styles of Dining Chairs, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables.

Beech Black Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Blue Coffee Table £129.00

Beech Grey Coffee Table £129.00

Beech Grey Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Grey Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Red Coffee Table £129.00

Beech White Dining Chair £89.00

Beech White Rectangle Dining Table £149.00

Beech White Round Dining Table £149.00

Beech White Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

White and Grey Coffee Table £179.00

White and Grey Television Stand £179.00