Chest of Drawers

Including Chest of Drawers, Tall Boy's and Wellingtons

Here at Hampshire Furniture Contemporary we have a brilliant scope of stylish Chest of Drawers! Featuring faux crocodile designs, high gloss, different woods and even mirrored, whilst in a range of sizes!

So you can find your style & size for your storage needs!

Aluminium Studded Chest of Drawers £329.00

Clear Mirror Chest of Drawers £459.00

Crocodile White Chest £229.00

Crocodile White Wellington £199.00

Crushed Drawer Tall Boy £535.00

Crushed Tall Boy £345.00

Gold Chest £229.00

Gold Wellington £189.00

Metal Studded Tall Boy £409.00

Metro Mirrored Tall Boy £419.00

Mirrored Tall Boy £399.00

Rustic Arrow 4 Drawer Chest £189.00