Dining Chairs

Stylish & unique Dining Chairs to brighten up your Home... quite literally! Chairs can make a big statement in your Dining or Kitchen area, whether they're sophisticated or unique, you'll find the Chair for you and your Home here.

Beech Black Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Black Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Grey Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Grey Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech White Dining Chair £89.00

Beech White Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Black and Chrome Dining Bench £99.00

Black and Chrome Dining Chair £139.00

Charcoal and Chrome Dining Chair £139.00

Dark Grey and Chrome Dining Bench £99.00

Dark Grey and Chrome Dining Chair £139.00

Light Grey and Chrome Dining Bench £99.00