Dining Room

All of your Dining Room furniture needs in one place! Including Tables, Chairs & even Stools and Benches!

From Beech to Chrome, from Oak to High Gloss, the options are endless to create the Dining Room of your dreams.

Beech Black Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Black Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Grey Dining Chair £89.00

Beech Grey Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Beech White Dining Chair £89.00

Beech White Rectangle Dining Table £149.00

Beech White Round Dining Table £149.00

Beech White Wooden Dining Chair £89.00

Black Glass Modern Dining Table 160 cm £299.00

Black Glass Round Bar Table £129.00

Black Glass Round Dining Table £179.00

Black Glass Small Extending Dining Table £209.00