Metal Furniture

Our Metal Furniture collection includes Desks to Bedside Cabinets and Chest of Drawers to Wine Racks.

A range of contemporary chic metal, studded, aluminium & wood furniture that can be placed throughout your Home! Either as a statement piece or to provide an industrial chic style within your home decor.

Aluminium Drum Coffee Table Set £269.00

Aluminium Studded 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet £219.00

Aluminium Studded 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet £239.00

Aluminium Studded Chest of Drawers £329.00

Aluminium Studded Trunk Set £229.00

Metal Studded 2 Drawer Coffee Table £399.00

Metal Studded Compact Sideboard £409.00

Metal Studded Ottoman £215.00

Metal Studded Rectangle Coffee Table £329.00

Metal Studded Square Mirror £215.00

Metal Studded Tall Boy £409.00